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You must currently be registered with the Department of Revenue for Sales and Use Tax, Withholding Tax and/or Corporation Tax to proceed with KY E-Tax System Registration.

If you are not currently registered for any of these taxes, contact the Department of Revenue at:

Sales and Use (502) 564-5170 KRC.WEBRESPONSEETAX@KY.GOV
Telecommunications (502) 564-5170 DOR.WEB.RESPONSE.TELECOM@KY.GOV

If you are currently registered to file your Sales and Use Tax or Utility Gross Receipts License Tax Return through KY E-Tax, you are automatically registered to file electronically for any other tax accounts.

In order to use KY E-Tax, there is a one-time registration process.  There is no fee to file electronically, however there may be a fee for the convenience of paying electronically. The person named as administrator must be a responsible officer or authorized designee of the company and must be authorized to file and pay state taxes. The administrator will:
  • Be responsible for granting access to others within your business, or outside your business (accountant, CPA, attorney, etc.),
  • Have the ability to view account history for the previous 48 months,
  • Have the ability to view the details of returns filed online, and
  • Have the ability to view an online indicator if any outstanding tax liabilities exist.
This one-time registration process will apply to any other tax accounts that may become available for online filing in the future.